Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project - S.T.

Wolf Müller Meets The Nile Project - S.T.

  • ¥1,820
    単価 あたり 

Label : Nouvelle Ambiance
Cat # : AMBIANCE003
Format : 12"
Country : FRA
Released: 2019


Recorded at the Nile Project gathering in Egypt in 2016.
Hypnotic percussion, Nyatiti experiments and Nubian vocal traditions combine with drum machines and analogue synth textures for a dancefloor meeting in the shadow of the Aswan Dam.

An extended collaborative EP recorded in the Egyptian city of Aswan by Jan Schulte (aka Wolf Müller & Bufiman) with Kenyan and Egyptian musicians Kasiva Mutua, Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno and Adel Mekha.

A1.Mabomba Dance
B1.Ruoth Radido (Nyangile)
B2.Moso Radido Wuod Ndege (Nyatiti)
B3.Southern Voice

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